Our Commitment to Sustainability

Green Wave Electric Vehicles is here to help create a more sustainable world. That is at the heart of our commitment to the communities we serve. As a small, fledgling business, we have admiration for the certified B Corporations and other sustainability leaders in the business community in New Hampshire, and across the nation and the globe. We hope to be a part of this movement that uses business as a force for good – for people, for the planet, and to be profitable so that we can grow and thrive in the economy.

As we start to build our sustainability efforts, here are some of the things that we are doing:

  • We sell only EVs and Plug-in Hybrids that allow for fossil-fuel-free driving.
  • We plant 100 trees in the name of all purchasers at no cost to them, in partnership with OneTreePlanted.
  • We provide a 1 year Bronze Membership to all purchasers, again at no cost.
  • We pay all full-time employees a living wage, we offer assistance with health insurance costs, and we provide paid-time off including time for volunteering in the community.
  • We are members of New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility.
  • We are members of Clean Energy New Hampshire.
  • We are partnering with the UNH Institute on Sustainability to further develop our business practices to be in line with best practices in sustainability.
  • Our goals for sustainability include:

    • Implementing an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework such as those put forth by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and/or the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).
    • Becoming a zero-waste organization.
    • Becoming a “1% for the Planet” organization. Our current afforestation and clean energy advocacy contributions get us close to this goal already.
    • Exploring certification as a B Corporation.
    • The Broader Impact

      Our mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of our economy and create a more sustainable society by providing re-used electric vehicle solutions to people and businesses in the communities we serve. We believe that when people stop getting their energy for transportation from a gas station and start getting it from their electric supplier, they will more seriously consider what type of power they are buying. We hope that demand will increase for clean, renewable energy in our communities. We applaud efforts by local officials to increase availability of those options and for putting forth the Community Power Plan in New Hampshire. We encourage more sustainable development in every aspect of our society and community.

      This world is a beautiful place, filled with wonders both natural and made by human hands. We want to do our part to help preserve our communities and the natural environment that we hold dear. Time is running out for humanity to stop the devastating effects of climate change. We are committed to operating a business that does something about it. We hope you will join us, and get a really cool car in the process.