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Jesse Lorre

My name is Jesse Lore, I’m the founder of Green Wave Electric Vehicles, and I’m glad you’re here. Green Wave Electric Vehicles is a new type of car company, one of the first of its kind. We are here to help save the world, make our communities better places, and have fun doing it. Green Wave Electric Vehicles provides re-used EVs, Plug-in Hybrid EVs, and EV charging solutions with the vision of making more EVs more affordable for more people. We are a business built from the ground up with sustainability and equity at the heart of everything we do, right here on the beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire.

Let me tell you how we got here, and how we’re going to get our work done.


My background

I have always been passionate about helping to build stronger communities and a better world. I grew up here in New Hampshire, and after graduating from college, I went to work for private non-profits serving people with disabilities in community settings. There I learned something that most of us take for granted: transportation is key to a quality life in the community. For people who can’t drive, or who need specialized vehicles and services, life can be difficult and boring. It’s hard to get the goods and services you need if you can’t get around independently. It’s really difficult to make and maintain meaningful relationships if you’re stuck at home with no ride. A big part of my work for those organizations was to solve complex transportation problems for people with complex needs.

A little more than a decade ago, I switched roles to work for a company that provided vehicles for people with disabilities. I learned the ins and outs of the automotive industry in a specialized field where people were transitioning from regular cars to wheelchair accessible vehicles. As part of my work, I helped build the wheelchair accessible taxi systems in major metros all over the country, including New York City where I sold hundreds of accessible cabs. Through this work, I learned how to understand the wide variety of ways that people need and use their cars to get to work, to enjoy their communities, and to stay healthy, all while finding a ride that they enjoyed and that fit their budget.

Over the years, I made a huge impact and grew with the company eventually becoming the Vice President in charge of all sales and service for over 90 wheelchair accessible vehicle dealerships nationwide. That work was fun and meaningful, but I had a growing awareness that there is a problem with our transportation systems: they are not sustainable. I had started a Corporate Social Responsibility team at my company, and spearheaded efforts to improve our treatment of employees and our charitable impact on our communities. We joined New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, where I met and worked with leaders of the most sustainable companies in our state. I even went back to school to get my master’s degree in sustainable business practices. These efforts even led to my company winning a Sustainability Award in 2022. But the environmental impact of our products — vehicles powered by fossil fuels — remained, and the company was not in a position to make any large scale changes to their business model that would address the problem of climate change.


My EV Revolution

Meanwhile, the automotive world had been transforming radically and rapidly. While vehicle electrification has been possible for over 100 years, the growth of EVs in the last decade has been explosive. With Tesla leading the way, cars have become sleeker, faster, more technologically awesome, and finally able to operate without emitting greenhouse gasses! As someone who appreciates the characteristics of traditional automotive companies — their safety, their reliability, their service networks and compliance with industry standards — I didn’t see myself as a Tesla early adopter. Plus, I couldn’t afford one and I had range anxiety to boot. So my family and I opted to trade in our 2007 Honda Odyssey for a 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid EV. We got a home charger, and we were hooked up and hooked on EVs. The ability to run 30 miles on a charge and then get hundreds of miles of gas hybrid range was the perfect transition for us. Plus, the car was supremely comfortable, spacious, quiet, and beautifully appointed. I loved the driving experience, my wife loved the panoramic sunroof, and my kids couldn’t believe they could now watch Shrek on DVD while cruising around town.



Later that year, when Ford announced the new fully electric Mustang Mach E crossover, I fell head over heels in love. I had never fallen for a car like that before, but as a longtime “Blue Oval” guy, I trusted that Ford was going to produce an amazing vehicle with the same quality and reliability that I had in my last 3 Ford Fusions. The sticker price was still a problem for me, until I did the math. I drive about 20,000 miles per year, so when I factored in the fuel savings, the maintenance costs (no oil changes!) and the $7,500 tax credit, it would cost me less than $200 more per month to own my dream car. When one landed at my local Ford dealership, I picked up my wife and went right over for a test drive. It was glorious. The acceleration was exhilarating, the handling was supreme, the fit and finish were gorgeous, and the technology was like nothing I had ever experienced in a car. I signed up for my first fully electric vehicle on the spot.

I had become a 2 EV owner, and there was no looking back. Three years into the Pacifica and two years into the Mustang, we have had zero problems to note with either vehicle. On the contrary, these cars have greatly improved our overall quality of life.

Green Wave Electric Vehicles is born

As part of my master’s degree studies, I took what I had known about socially responsible business and sustainability and put some real meat on it. I dove deeper into the automotive industry, Earth science, global economics, and socially responsible business practices. Here is what I found:

  • I learned from Dame Ellen MacArthur about the concept of a Circular Economy, in which goods are designed for re-use and waste is reduced or eliminated in the product life cycle.
  • I learned from Andrew Savitz and others about the Triple Bottom Line, in which businesses could – businesses must – perform not only on profit, but also for people and planet.
  • I learned from economist Kate Raworth about Doughnut Economics, in which the goal of economic activity must change from endless growth to a paradigm in which we produce enough to satisfy our social needs while living within the ecological limits of our environment.
  • I studied the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and the U.N. Global Compact and I realized that the most brilliant minds in the world were developing and deploying powerful solutions to create a more sustainable world.

And I read the work of Larry Fink, CEO of the world’s largest asset manager Blackrock, who said:


“Every company and every industry will be transformed by the transition to a net zero [greenhouse gas] world. The question is, will you lead, or will you be led?”

I wanted to lead. I had what I needed: the years of complex automotive industry management, the knowledge of how to build a sustainable company, the experience of being an EV and PHEV owner, and the deep abiding passion and commitment to help people, build stronger communities, and work to fight climate change. I just had to take the leap of faith to start my own business, from the ground up. Late in 2022, I left my job and incorporated Green Wave Electric Vehicles, New Hampshire’s first and only auto dealer focusing on reused EVs and Plug-in Hybrids.

The Green Wave Electric Vehicles Experience

As we begin 2023, Green Wave Electric Vehicles is getting all systems go. We are preparing to provide a truly unique car buying experience for people making the switch to an electric vehicle. Our dealership is beautiful and inviting, filled with comfortable spaces and cool house plants everywhere. We are focused on having fun with electric vehicles, so not only can you test drive a Tesla or a Bolt or a Mustang, you can also race electric RC cars (my son loves the Hummer EV), play Mario Kart, or visit our “Wave of the Future” slot car track. I want to remind us all how fun cars are because I know that buying an EV makes driving fun again.

We’re also here to help guide you on your buying journey, building trust and giving you the information and expertise you need to make the right purchase decision for yourself and your family. We listen to you, learn about your driving needs and preferences, and provide EV and home charging solutions that will improve your transportation situation and reduce your operating costs while also helping you lower your environmental impact. We’re experts on the tax incentives available, we can help you determine your eligibility, and we know how to file correctly to ensure you get what you’re owed. We connect you with the service and warranty resources you’ll need to keep your re-used EV running right for years to come. And because we want to help you make the most impact with your purchase, we plant 100 trees in your name to offset any carbon emissions associated with your purchase at no cost to you.

I hope that you’re considering buying an EV. I know that you will love it, and the planet will love you for it. Give me a call and set up a time to see me or one of our team members at Green Wave Electric Vehicles. We’ll help you find the perfect car for you.

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